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Near Shoring Rationale

Worldwide organizations have realized that there is immense value in keeping the outsourced work close to where their business generally is. This has led to revisiting the typical Indian outsourcing model with offerings that are “close to home”. This close proximity, called NEARSHORING has opened the door to providers that offer a combination of Geographic & Time Zone closeness and improved Cultural Affinity, at an overall effective cost proposition.

NEARSHORING is becoming a key component of the multi-sourcing model allowing businesses to take advantage of the benefits of a true global delivery model.

Time Zone:

Nearshoring offers the alternative of having the developer, support organization and user community working in the same time zone or close. Time Zone proximity eliminates the need to work extra hours

Geographic Proximity:

Further to the mentioned benefit of time zones helping online interaction, there is an added benefit in geographic proximity.

Near Shoring Benefits

Immigration Advantages:

When Nearshoring is performed from Mexico for the benefit of a US based organization, there is an additional advantage that needs to be considered.

Cultural Affinity:

Although one could think that a country that speaks the same language has more affinity than one that does not, you need to consider that there is more to affinity than language.

Intellectual Property Protection:

In addition to the mentioned advantages of immigration rules, NAFTA also provides for increased protection of intellectual property rights. This is a critical component when sensitive proprietary information needs to cross borders as a result of the Nearshore engagement.

Cost Advantage:

Finally, everything ends up being a cost equation. Proximity leads to more interaction at a lower cost allowing for Project Management to be more present in the project, thus cultural affinity reduces the need to spend many cycles to reach a conclusion.



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